5 Best Water Purifiers under Rs 10000 in India (2019)

5 Best Water Purifiers under Rs 10000 in India (2019)

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Buying a water purifiers can be very confusing to the buyer, especially with plenty of choices available in the market. Water purifiers with RO+UV is slightly expensive compared to only RO purifiers. However, if you are on tight budget, we have hand picked 5 best water purifiers under Rs 10K.

Criteria to keep in mind before purchasing a water purifier:

  • Source of water
  • After sales service
  • Storage capacity
  • RO+UV or only RO
  •  Cost
  • Since, cost is one of the top 5 factors, we will help you to find the best water purifier in India that fits your budget while keeping your family healthy.

    Please read Criteria for buying water purifier in India for home before proceeding with this article to know what are the important things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier.

    Choosing a water purifier can be time consuming. We understand that most people are busy to do a detailed research. Hence, we have prepared a comparison table which shows top 5 water purifiers including key features and their rating

    If you would still like to read detailed reviews, please use the navigation from the below table of contents to read reviews of only the product you are interested in.

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    ProductKey FeaturesOur Rating
    1. Nasaka Tulip N1, 8LNasaka TulipNasaka TulipHavells water purifierHavells water purifier1. Adds back minerals and maintains pH

    2. TDS upto 2000

    3. Cartridge replacement indicator

    4. 6-stage purification

    2. Havells Plastic UV Plus, 8LHavells plasticHavells plasticKent Ace water purifierKent Ace water purifier1. Corner, wall mount or table top

    2. Pre-filter included

    3. 6-stage purification

    4. Error alerts and indicators available

    3. Kent Maxx, 7LKent MaxxKent MaxxLivpure water purifierLivpure water purifier1. In-built TDS controller

    2. Filter change and UV failure alarms

    3. 3-years service included

    4. Livpure Glo, 7LLivpure GloLivpure GloHavells ProHavells Pro1. 7-stage purification

    2. Tray to place glass

    3. Pre-filter included

    4. TDS upto 2000

    5. Blue Star Aristo, 7LBlue star aristoBlue star aristoNasaka Tulip S2Nasaka Tulip S21. Uses Dow’s Filmtec membrane, best in the world

    2. TDS upto 2000

    3. Tank full indicator

    4. 6-stage purification

    Our work does not end with helping you to select the best water purifier! We want you to know what happens next. Please see the below review.


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    Havells is good in other areas but not in installation.

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    1. Nasaka Tulip N1 RO+UF+ORPH, 8L

    Nasaka TulipNasaka TulipNasaka TulipNasaka Tulip

    Nasakaa is a Japanese brand owned by Okaya Power group which also owns the famous Microtek inverter brand. It is predominantly a battery manufacturer but also produces water purifiers. This is a fairly unknown brand in India but is a good performer. Hence, we have included this brand in our list.


    • 6-stage purification process
    • Includes antiscalant (polyphosphate balls) which removes scaling and unpleasant odour
    • Proprietary ORPH+ technology which helps to maintain pH level, and adds back minerals
    • check Works well for TDS upto 2,000
    • check LED display indicating replacement of cartridges
    • check Attractive price point for the features provided


    • Relatively unknown brand, perhaps needs more advertising
    • Opaque body hence water level is hidden

    2. Havells Plastic UV Plus UF, 8L

    Havells plasticHavells plasticHavells plasticHavells plastic

    Havells introduced its line of water purifiers just few months ago and they are already garnering good reviews from customers. Havells introduced 5 RO+UV models and one UV model under its water purifier line. It boasts of enhanced features such as adding trace minerals, adjusts pH and revitalizes water molecules. It performs these through additional cartridges besides carbon and sediment filters.


    • 6-stage purification process
    • Designed to fit well in corners or on a wall or table top
    • Error alerts for UV and pump failure
    • check Process indicators such as tank full alerts
    • check Auto corrects pH level and adds trace minerals
    • check Does not need separate pre-filter
    • check Includes 1-year extended warranty at a small price


    • Traditionally seen as electrical company, new entrant to water purifier
    • Either AMC required after 1st year or would need to spend separately on maintenance

    3. Kent Maxx UV+UF, 7L

    Kent MaxxKent MaxxKent MaxxKent Maxx

    Kent is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to water purifiers but competition is heating up with bigger brands entering the turf. They have a wide range of products at all price points. Kent Grand Plus supports all types of water sources. Kent deploys an in-built patented TDS controller unlike most other brands where it is found outside. This means that no manual back flush is necessary.


    • 5-stage purification process
    • In-built TDS controller
    • check RO+UV+UF
    • check 1-year warranty for all mechanical and electrical parts, and also for RO and UF membrane. 6 months warranty for sediment, carbon and post-carbon filters
    • check 3-years service at no extra cost
    • check Filter change alarm and UV failure alarm


    • 20L per hour purification rate, so 2x times water wastage

    4. Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer, 7L

    Livpure GloLivpure GloLivpure GloLivpure Glo

    LivPure is a well known brand with a wide range of water purifiers. The RO water purifiers come with different storage sizes and stages of purification. Some of the models are equipped with taste enhancer or mineralizer. Livpure models are typically suited for wall mounting.


    • 7-stage purification process
    • RO+UV+UF+ Taste enhancer
    • Shutter tray to place bottle or glass while filling water
    • check 12 months warranty
    • check Comes with external pre-filter
    • check Can handle TDS up to 2000


    • Almost all models have opaque body thus rendering it impossible to see water level
    • After 1-year either AMC required or need to pay for service

    5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR3BLAM01, 7L

    Blue star aristoBlue star aristoBlue star aristoBlue star aristo

    Blue Star traditionally an Air Con company also made its foray into the water purifier segment. It has 9 products under its belt, some of them with RO+UV and some of them without UV. The price ranges from Rs 9K to -hold your breath- Rs 46K. All the models come with Aqua Taste Booster.


    • 6-stage purification process
    • Blue Star uses Dow’s membrane called Filmtec, which is one of the best in world
    • It can handle TDS of upto 2,000
    • check Can be installed as wall mount or on table top
    • check Child lock feature in tap to prevent accidental spillage
    • check Tank full indicator
    • check Available in 3 colours


    • After 1st year AMC would be needed which might prove to be costly
    • Alarms for filter change would have been useful

    ​6. Conclusion

    ​The water purifiers under Rs 10,000 segment is best suited if you are under tight budget. Some brands manage to provide both RO+UV at this price point, while some brands either provide only RO or only UV.

    Kent is the market leader and if you are confused about various options, you can go with Kent. I would also highly recommend Havells which was launched in early 2018.

    Nasaka is not well known brand but also makes the cut due to good product quality. If you are still confused, please drop a comment. I will be happy to take a look.  

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