How I save up to 50% (and more) in online shopping

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Do you know the best way to save 100% of your money during sales?

Yes, you guessed it right! 

It is by not buying anything. 

Well, that was a light hearted joke. 

But you can definitely save a lot of money when you shop online. It does not have to be during sales necessarily. In fact, we live in age of discounts. 

You can save money literally every time you shop online. 

With the advent of Amazon and Flipkart, online shopping has become the norm. I was never a bargain hunter. But if discount is available I will gladly take it. I shop regularly in Amazon. So over the years, I have figured out few trips and tricks that helped me to save additional money, beyond the discounts already offered. 

Want to know how? Read on. 

I. Add items to wish-list 

This is a classic and I am sure you know this already. Or perhaps a variation of this where you add to cart but do not buy. 

However, I find adding to wishlist convenient compared to adding to cart. It is cumbersome if you want to buy other products but not the ones you left in the cart earlier. In that case, you have save the earlier products for later purchase or delete them. On the other hand, you can build multiple wishlists and buy when the price falls. 

As you can see below, I added these 3 books on various dates. Amazon sale is going on right now since 19th January. The price fell by 11% to 21%.


The above was just a sample, the price drop can be as high as 50%. 

Don’t believe me? Check the below screenshot. 

Price before discount

I bought this at a jaw dropping 64% discount


The current selling price of this book is Rs 248 (as on 22nd January 2020, as I write this). But I bought it for Rs 89 on 22nd October 2019, during the previous Amazon sale. That is a whopping 64% discount. 

II. Become a Prime member

This is no brainer. As a Prime member, you get much more benefits than non-Prime members. At Rs 999 per year, it is a steal. You get early access to deals usually one day before the sale is open to others. So, you get to grab the best deals as soon as the shop opens. 

There are other benefits of being a Prime member as well. I got a cashback of Rs 1,250 for purchases made during the sale. This was during the October 2018 sale. 

Once again, I got the best deals in October 2018. I bought 3 books each for Rs 200. This is only because I was a prime member. Moreover, I had these books in my wishlist few weeks before the sale started. 

Even in the current sale, each of the above book cost around Rs 350. So the total cost would be around Rs 1,050. But I bought them for Rs 600.

A 42% discount. Isn’t that a sweet deal? 

If this looks great, what I am about to tell you will blow your mind away. Not many people are aware of this option. But this single tactic has helped me to get 50% or more discounts many times.

III. Tell us about a lower price

This is my secret sauce. I use it whenever I find a book is highly priced. Amazon has this option called “Tell us about a lower price.” However, for this to work you need to find an alternate source that sells the same product at a lower price. 

Whenever you are in a product page, scroll down a bit. Below the product details, you will see this option. 


This is where Flipkart is super helpful. Oh yes, I use Flipkart regularly. Not to order. But to check if the same product I am interested to buy is available at a lower price. If yes, then I notify Amazon using the “Tell us about lower price” option. 


Like magic, the price drops in Amazon.

Don’t believe what I say? Take a look at the below screenshot. I saw this book was selling for Rs 1,561. I checked in Flipkart. The same book was available for Rs 876. I used this option. Believe me or not, within a few hours the price dropped to 876. That is a 44% discount.


But you know what? The discounted price was available only for a few minutes. As soon as I completed the purchase, the price went back to normal. 

Since then, I have used this method regularly. Though, I would like to caution you. The price drop does not always happen in few hours. It could be after few days also. Sometimes, there is no price drop as well. You just shrug and move on. Or purchase from Flipkart. 

IV. Conclusion:

In this article, we saw 3 ways in which you can get huge discounts when purchasing from Amazon. The first method is to build your wishlist, second is to be a Prime member, and finally use the “Tell us about a lower price” option. 

I can guarantee you that these methods will get you discounts more often than not. 

I know I have given examples primarily of books. This is because I buy lots of books and I always look for the best deals. In 2019 alone, I must have bought around 50 books from Amazon. When I spend so much I might as well look to save money. 

So does this work for other products as well? 

Oh yes, I tried this with other products as well. But don’t take my words for truth.

Why don’t you try it out and let me know what worked well for you. If there is any other method you use, do let me know in the comments section.


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