Research Methodology and FAQs

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​I am sure you have this question in your mind when you read my website. 

How is Savvy Consumers different from tons of other review websites already out there?

​If this question did not occur to you, I encourage you to think about it. If I were you that would be my first question. Everyone claims to be an expert these days.  

In fact, most of my competitors are doing a very good job of reproducing information from the sales materials of brands found in their websites, in Amazon and even other review websites.

​So if I were you I would not trust any review website…


​This is a ​research website. 

Huh? What the hell is that?

As you can see from “About Us” section, I am a researcher by profession.

It is not fair to you if I call myself a reviewer. I truly believe to review something you should have used it. It is humanly not possible to review hundreds of products. I truly believe to review something you should have used it. Since, I cannot do that, I will stick to researching, which I am well versed in. 

I would like to explain in detail the research methodology I follow for all the reviews I write. I will let you decide whether you should trust me or not. If you choose to trust my reviews and decide to buy, please do drop in a note. If you do not like something, feel free to write in and I read every single mail.

Now the RAZOR process!


​This is the dictionary meaning for the word RAZOR. 

Our process does exactly that. It will help you slice through unwanted flab and helps you to select the best product as per your requirements and budget.

  • R - Reliable
  • A - Authentic/Accurate/Analytical
  • Z - Zero Error
  • O - Overarching
  • R - Research

For any given product, I watch at least 10 videos, sometimes more.

I read countless reviews in

  • Amazon,
  • Facebook groups,
  • other review sites,
  • read sales brochure,
  • Facebook pages of the various brands,
  • talk to service executives and friends.

While this may not be exhaustive, it gives me a clear picture of what to expect and what can go wrong.

For instance, when I was researching for water purifiers I went through tonnes of materials. I realized that some brands use chemical to purify water in the non-electric segment. This is something I could not have unearthed in normal course of "Reviewing".

I would not include any brand that I would not buy myself. Some brands are known for very bad service. Knowing this for a fact, I avoid recommending such brands to you, so that you can be peaceful. Again taking the water purifier example, you will find some brands missing.

I spend at least a week or two weeks for writing one article. That is why you will not find 100s of articles. But only few well researched and in-depth articles that serve your purpose.

While, I earn money through affiliate marketing, I don’t want to earn by misleading others. ​

​What is the proof my RAZOR process works?

​I wrote an answer for water purifier in Quora based on my research.

This is what Quora did. It sent my answers to 10,000+ people. This answer is also the most upvoted answer in Quora for this question!


​Oh that's not all!

​Quora says I am among the "Most Viewed Writer" in Water Purifiers.

As you can see most in the Top 10 have written 100s of articles. However, I broke in to Top 10 with just 3 answers.

This is the Savvy Consumers guarantee for you! Your peace of mind is first and foremost in my mind when I write. 

​Our RAZOR process is ensured to give you 100% satisfaction every single time you shop online from Amazon or other places. 

  • You will avoid getting cheated
  • You can save money every time
  • Get value for every Rupee you spend
  • In-depth sound research process


Why should I trust your reviews?
Yes, you should not trust anyone’s reviews..blindly. Like we mentioned already, this is not a review website. We research various products and bring to you in-depth and well researched information that will help you to make an informed choice.
Will you return my money if there is an issue with my purchase?
Unfortunately, we only recommend products and you would be buying them from a e-commerce portal. However, we only partner with the best in the market with easy return policies. We recommend you to directly contact the portal from where you made the purchase.
Would you help if there is a problem with my purchase?
Hmmm, if you already contacted the seller and tried everything you could, still not able to get help. Drop an email to us. We will do our best to guide you. However, we would be unable to help if your situation does not comply with return policies of the vendor.
How much do you earn from the reviews?
Please refer to Amazon’s fee schedule for more information