About Savvy Consumers

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"​This is not a review website and I am a researcher by profession"

What is the connection? Why do I care? 

I hear your questions. Read on to find out!

​I always knew what I DID not want in life, even if I always did not know what I wanted ! Phew, sounds deep.

But this has kept me in good stead for most of my life. You are always told to find out your passion and find a job that you are passionate about. Honestly, it never worked for me.

The opposite has worked well. If I knew what to avoid, it narrows down my choices. Then I try to make an informed decision.

For instance, decades ago, I was adamant that I will not take up engineering after school. Oh, it was the time when IT was the newest kid in the block and every damn engineer landed in an IT firm after 4 years. I consciously stayed from both. 

Story of a researcher: From Cancer Biology to Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods, to Insurance & Banking to Power & Utilities. 

Yes, that is exactly  the industries in which I worked on.

​Hi I am Sankar and a Researcher by profession!

I worked on primary research in cancer biology after graduating from B.Tech in Biotechnology. I then went on to complete an MBA in Finance. This helped me to shift my career to other industries. 

Wait. How does that relate to this website? I hear your question.

When I started this website, I did NOT want it to be a review website, let alone another review website.

"Yes, that is right. This is NOT a review website. This IS a Research website" 

I am a researcher by profession. I have been part of both primary and secondary research. Hence, it was natural that I created a research website.

​Please read more about our Research Methodology.

Savvy Consumers was started by Sankar in August 2018. This has been a long cherished dream to start a website which gives unbiased research into products and services to help consumers take informed decisions.

I am very particular about brands that I purchase as I believe in high quality products. Everyone is a consumer and we deal with hundreds of brands and service providers.

Many times as consumers we lack the necessary information to make appropriate purchase decisions and end up regretting the decision.

My aim is to empower consumers to make informed decisions and when they run into rough weather, how to deal with it so that they do not repeat their mistakes.